Looking for your roots

Did you know that most of Quebecers and numerous North Americans are descendants of the 300 founding families that settled on the Island of Orleans under the French regime? Your ancestor may have been one of them. Consult the list of names Hommage aux fondateurs to find out!

At the Maison de nos Aïeux, a large scale model of the island will allow you to track the land that your ancestor owned, and maybe even find the current address of this land. You can also get in the shop genealogy data about your ancestor that lists the history of possessors of the land and detailed information about the first three generations. You can also buy genealogy books about 80 of the founding families of Quebec.

Finally, benefit from the help of our guides to answer your questions and to direct you in the search of your ancestors.

Documentation Center on genealogy

If you would like to make some advanced research about your ancestors and your genealogy, consult the different resources available to you in our DOCUMENTATION CENTER ON GENEALOGY. The documentation center gives you access to many research tools like the register of the P.R.D.H., a vast repertory of notarial acts from between 1621 and 1799. You will also be able to consult the genealogical dictionaries or the family biographies on the spot, as well as the parish registers of the Island of Orleans (still in production), and many rare or out-of-print books about the history of the island and its inhabitants.

Centre de documentation de la Maison de nos Aïeux

Documentation Center

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For only $15.00 a year, become a member of the Fondation François-Lamy and enjoy an unlimited free access to the Maison de nos Aïeux and to its Documentation Center. Contact us for more information.

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